Winter Travel Tips – 4 Popular Winter Tourist Attractions In The US

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If you are planning for a trip to the states, you must not leave out one of the most sought after winter tourist attractions in the country – Christmas City. Situated in the state of North Carolina, this city is one of the biggest crowd drawers each year during the Christmas season. With Christmas City is the winter tourist attraction in the US, it is considered as a winter wonderland. Christmas City has a lot of things to do whether you are traveling alone or with your family and friends.

Tarheel State Historic Site

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One of the main winter tourist attractions in the state of North Carolina is the Tarheel State Historic Site. This site covers more than 400 square miles and includes such attractions as the Black Cave, Indian Cave Cabin and Big Rock Cave. The Indian Cave Cabin is an oasis within itself with its own heating system and several walking paths through the caves.

Ellijay-Crestview-Mickey Mouse National Recreation Area

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Another great place to visit while in the winter is Ellijay-Crestview-Mickey Mouse National Recreation Area. This area covers nearly eight thousand acres of terrain which includes bluffs, cliffs and marshlands among other natural features. In this place tourists can view deer, water birds, and many other winter wildlife. A good thing about this site is that you can go hiking in winter and even fishing during the summer. There is also a place called Ellijay where visitors can learn about Spanish history.

Ellijay’s Winter Park is another winter tourist attraction in the state of North Carolina. It is another place which provides wonderful sightseeing opportunities. One of the main attractions of this park is the Discovery Kingdom which is similar to the Disney land. The Discovery Kingdom consists of two main sections namely the African-American Heritage Center and the Alexander Springs Historical Center. You can also find a place called Olompali Indian Village where you can be able to see authentic American Indian artifacts.

Black Mountain Snowmobile Trail

For those who are looking for a snowy place to visit in winter then the Black Mountain Snowmobile Trail is the right place. This trail is eleven miles long and leads tourists to the top of Black Mountain. In this region the winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing point. This place also offers spectacular views of the mountains as well as snow capped peaks. Another attraction of this trail is the chance to view elk.

The Black River State Park

While in the winter tourists have an exciting chance to view migrating birds. The Black River State Park in Tennessee offers excellent bird watching opportunity. A major attraction of the park is the Bailey-PHR System where scientists use sound waves to detect song birds. In addition to the birds there is also a rare species of fish like the blue catfish.

Yellowstone National Park

Few places in the United States can match the majestic Beauty of Yellowstone National Park. In the winter months the park is a haven for winter tourist attractions. During the winter seasons the park offers several opportunities to view elk. The Yellowstone cutthroat trout tournament is another popular winter activity that tourists can participate in. This tournament provides the participants an opportunity to catch trophy elk.

Final Thoughts

One of the best winter tourist attractions in the country is Yosemite National Park. It offers an amazing sightseeing experience with its magnificent walls and many amazing paths. There are snow fall lookout towers, near the valley floor, where tourists can have a good view of the falling snow. The Valley Floor Trail, also known as the West Rim Trail, gives an awesome panoramic view of the valley floor.

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