USA West Coast Tours - Visiting Some Of Our Favorite Cities On Your Visit -

USA West Coast Tours – Visiting Some Of Our Favorite Cities On Your Visit

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From Las Vegas to Oregon to San Diego, there are tons of towns and cities along this fabulous route. The most popular ones include:

Grand Junction, Colorado – This lovely town sits on the southern rim of the beautiful Colorado River. It is known for its beautiful scenery and historic buildings. The famous West Rim Park offers hiking, biking, and fishing. Other sites include the Science Museum of Colorado, the historic Bridalveil Historical Center, and the Downtown Denver Art Museum. The most popular activity on the West Coast Tour includes rafting the Colorado River from Grand Junction up the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas, Nevada

A tall building in a city

This amazing city is the most popular tourist destination in the US. This place is a feast for the eyes with plenty of shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing. There is no other place like Las Vegas. 

The more interesting thing is that you can get great cheap vacation deals during the off-season. So, if you’re planning a West Coast Tour and want to make your trip economical, try to book some cheap hotel accommodation in Las Vegas.

Flagstaff, Arizona

A view of Empire State Building

This beautiful Arizona city is located in the Grand Canyon. Every year a huge number of tourists visit Flagstaff to have an aerial view of the canyon. To take advantage of great aerial views and to enjoy a true desert camping experience, book some cheap hotel accommodation in Flagstaff. 

During your trip, you may even like to visit nearby Grand Canyon National Park. The best time to visit here is from October to March. At this time, there is a good abundance of low cost flight tickets to Flagstaff.

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the wonders of the world. This famous landmark gives a wonderful scenic view of the bay area. If you want to have a panoramic view of the city and bay area, book some cheap flight tickets to San Francisco. 

To see the other sights of the city, it is highly recommended to take a cable car ride. The view of the city will be spectacular as you pass through the streets of San Francisco.

Billings, Montana

Golden Gate National Park is a must see sight when you plan USA West Coast Tours. You can go on this tour with your family or friends. There are many places to explore on the way to the park; some of them are the Flathead Indian Reservation, Indian Cave and Mountain Pine Ridge. 

You can stay at any of the quality inns in Billings, Montana including hotels located at creek corners in the Bigfork Indian Reservation and at the Big Fork Lodge and Spa.

San Francisco, California

The Embarcadero is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a favorite spot for travelers on the US West Coast Tours. In the morning, we will have the opportunity to tour the Pier. 

Visit the Chinatown district in the evening and you will be able to watch the sunset over the Bay. You can stay at any of the quality inns in San Francisco including hotels located at Alameda St, Potrero St and Van Ness St. You will get amazing views of the bay area from your beds in these rooms.

Billings, Montana

The Flathead Indian Reservation is located in the center of Montana. You will easily spend several days enjoying nature and its scenic beauty. If you want to spend your vacation exploring the history of the local tribe, the Flathead Village Tour is the perfect option for you. 

You will tour the village through hiking trails and you will see many types of Montana wildlife. The boat tour of Missoula River that you will enjoy during your Montana West Coast Tour will give you an opportunity to view the river and its beautiful scenery.

Missoula, Montana

The third largest city in Montana, it is considered to be a dream town. Its unique culture, abundant outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and many entertainment and dining options make it one of the top-rated cities to visit during your USA West Coast Tour. 

During your journey, you will have an opportunity to tour the Flathead Indian Reservation where you will get to experience the lifestyle of the native people. You will also enjoy a golden gate car tour that will take you through the reservation. After your tour, you will have an opportunity to stay at one of their luxurious lodges.


This part of the state is a prime destination for hunters. The majestic Rocky mountains are very close by and the beautiful west rim of the Grand Canyon can be seen just off the South Rim of the Colorado River. You will see the historic Glendo’s National Park just a few miles from Durango. The rustic charm and friendly people of Durango will make this part of the state an unforgettable experience for all of you USA West Coast Tour participants.

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