USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You

USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world. It is so diverse that you can find people from all around the world here. Travelers consider it a fantastic travel destination. The skyscrapers of New York and Chicago and the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon are the centers of attraction. Let’s have a look at this USA travel guide which can help you in planning a tour of the USA.

Top 10 Places On USA Travel Guide

This USA Travel Guide will help you to shortlist places for your trip to the USA. A tour to the USA will be one in a lifetime experience for you. These are just some places visited by millions of tourists every year, but there are many more on the list.

Number 10: French Quarter

One of the most famous districts of Louisiana, French Quarter is known for the French Colonial influences on the city. It has an incredible architectural balance with colorful cast-iron balcony buildings. Opposite the Mississippi River, it offers an undeniable hub of nightlife and entertainment.

Number 9: The White House

USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You
USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You

The White House is in Washington, D.C. As we already know, it is the office and official residence of the U.S. President. They completed the construction in 1800. Being lucky enough, you may be allowed to get inside on a public tour to see several rooms in the primary residence.

Number 8: Denali National Park

Located in Alaska, it contains Mount McKinley, the highest in North America. The park preserves a wide variety of plants, animals, and wilderness.

Number 7: Las Vegas Strip

It is located amid Nevada Desert landscapes. Though casinos are found throughout Las Vegas, the strip contains most of them. Thus, Las Vegas is known as the “Mecca of Gambling.”

Number 6: Kilauea

It’s a shallow flat volcano. A series of volcanoes have created this place. It is one of the most active volcanoes. Visiting this place, you will get an opportunity to encounter an ongoing volcanic eruption. This eruption started in 1983.

Number 5: Niagara Falls

Situated in New York, they provide the most spectacular view. These are three different falls.
These are one of the most loved and visited tourist attractions in the world.

Number 4: Golden Gate Bridge

It is a suspension bridge which took around four years to get build and the construction finished in 1937. After completion, it came to be known as a suspension bridge longest in the world. Thus, it became an international architectural symbol of California. Its red-orange color enhances its beauty.

Number 3: Yellow Stone National Park

It’s the world’s first national park aiming at the preservation of about 10,000 hot springs and geysers. It also portraits the incredible beauty and a wide variety of wildlife.

Number 2: Manhattan

USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You
USA Travel Guide Specially Curated For You

It is a city with numerous skyscrapers that you have seen hundreds of times in movies. The center of attractions of the city is the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Fifth Avenue and Museums.

Number 1: Grand Canyon

The Great canyon holds the first position on the Travel Guide to the USA. Being the greatest tourist attraction in the U.S., The Great Canyon is renowned for its spectacular and colorful landscapes. The Colorado River has been carving it for millions of years and bringing an intricate shape to the scenes. The beauty of this place outmatches throughout the world.

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