USA Tourist Places – Never Miss Out On The Favourite Tourist Places

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There are a lot of recognizable icons on this planet that are found in the US. The  USA tourist places consist of The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, White House, Walt Disney World Resort, Waikiki, Las Vegas Strip, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Almost every top attraction of the United States is on everyone’s bucket list. These top attractions draw visitors from all around the world. The US is very big so most of the people generally plan to visit places. This content is about the USA tourist places that are a must-visit and have the most spectacular views in the country. 

USA Tourist Places – Grand Canyon 

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This is one of the most beautiful USA tourist places that people love to visit every time they come to the country. This place has a layered band of red rocks that are clearly visible even from a distance. It is actually a river valley that is situated in the Colorado Plateau. The Grand Canyon is not the deepest but it is huge in size and has colorful landscapes. Its development took place around 70 million years ago. A recent study was conducted which found out that the caves present at the bottom of the Grand Canyon were developed 17 million years ago. 

USA Tourist Places – Niagara Falls 

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One of the magnificent USA tourist places is Niagara Falls. They are situated along the Canada-US border. Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. It is actually a set of three waterfalls- Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe Falls consist of the largest section and the thinner section is the Bridal Veil Falls. The views look great on both sides of the river but a very unique perspective can be seen on the Canadian side. 

USA Tourist Places – Statue of Liberty

Everyone, at least once in their lives, must have heard the name of the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the USA tourist places that people from all over the world yearn to visit. The Statue of Liberty is the largest statue in the world. It is situated in New York Harbour and can be clearly seen by the visitors so that they can admire its beauty. People who wish to visit this place should research a bit before paying a visit so that they can have different levels of access to the site. 


There are a lot of popular and magnificent  USA tourist places that people love to visit whenever they are in the United States. Before paying a visit to the tourist sites in the US, people should decide which part they wish to explore and what are the tourist spots in those places. Then they can probably make a list of all the places they want to visit, be it city sights, parks, or natural areas. When you are going on a trip to the US next time, make sure to bring back memories from some of these places and enjoy all the popular locations, nooks, and corners that these places have to offer.

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