The Most Costly US States to Live In

To determine the most expensive states in the country, GOBankingRates surveyed the cost of living in all 50 states. The survey compared each state’s costs for basic necessities, such as housing, groceries, and utilities. All data are based on the cost of living for a single person without children.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most costly US states to live in. So if you’re thinking about moving, it might be worth your while to consider these states carefully! If you’re ready to see the most costly US states, read on!

1. Hawaii

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It’s no wonder that Hawaii is the most expensive state to live in – after all, living on an island comes with its price tag! Named the 6th best place to retire, it may be worth saving up for a few extra years so you can enjoy this beautiful state without breaking the bank. While there are some low-cost cities in Hawaii, they are very small and don’t have a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for a more affordable Hawaiian city, it may be worth checking out Honolulu – the most populous city in the state with a population of nearly 953 thousand people in 2016. Still, living in Honolulu doesn’t come cheap – in fact, it ranks as the 23rd most expensive US state to live in!

2. New York

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New York has always been a pricey place to live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun on a budget while visiting or living there for a short period. The state is known for its rich culture and diversity, and some of the largest cities in the US are located there.

The state is known for having a high price tag on everyday items such as groceries and utilities. If you’re considering visiting or moving to New York, it may be worth your while to save up in advance!

3. California

You probably saw this one coming if you’re familiar with the most expensive US states. Of course, California ranks among them! This amazing state is known for its awesome weather, beautiful beaches, and incredible cities – but unfortunately, they aren’t exactly cheap.

The median home price in California is $409,900 as of November 2017. That’s a lot of money for just one house! If you’re thinking about moving to this state, it might be worth saving up for some extra time before packing your bags and making the move.

4. Maryland

If you love history and culture, Maryland is a fantastic place to live. However, if you’re trying to save money, the cost of living may be a bit steep for your budget. The state has plenty of beautiful historical attractions that are worth visiting – but they aren’t free!

If you’d like to make the most of your trip without spending too much money, check out some of the historical sites that offer free admission! The Maryland Historical Trust has a list on its website of around 50 such attractions across the state.

5. Alaska

If you love to visit new places, Alaska may be the perfect destination for you. However, living there isn’t quite as affordable as visiting – especially if you plan on living in one of the larger cities. Alaska ranked as the 5th most expensive state to live in last year, and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper!

Fortunately, Anchorage has some affordable housing options with an average cost of $215 per square foot. While that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, it’s much lower than the national average of $274 per square foot – so if you’re looking for a more affordable home in Alaska, it may be worth starting your search here!

That said, there are also some smaller cities to keep in mind. For example, Juneau has an average cost of only $120 per square foot! Of course, the trade-off is that there are fewer amenities to enjoy here – but it may be more affordable than you expect.

If you’re looking for a place to settle down in Alaska, Juneau is probably your best bet! It’s also worth noting that this city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US at 2.7% as of March 2018.

Looking for a new place to live? Check out the most expensive US states to live in. You might be surprised by which are more or less affordable depending on what you have planned! It’s also worth noting that these places rank among some of the best destinations in America – so if you’re prepared, it may be worth considering living there long term.

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