Five Best Places To Visit In The Us For A Memorable Holiday

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With so much to explore in the vast country, it can be a bit difficult to choose where to start when it comes to planning a holiday in the US. World-class cities that offer great food, rich history, glamour and literally everything that you look for. Choosing a few specific places totally depends on personal preferences mostly. Though, there are a few places which absolutely cannot be missed out on if you wanna know about some of the best places to visit in the US for a perfect and memorable holiday.

1.New York

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New York is like no other city in the world. It can be an experience that one would cherish for life. For first time visitors, walking through the city would be no less than walking through a movie set. With famous sites everywhere, from the Empire State Building to Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Statue of Liberty and many more! With too much to see in one city, you would feel like visiting again and again, and every time it will be worth the visit.

2.San Francisco

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This charming and steller West Coast city is perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you go for a solo trip, with family, friends or with a partner, it is just perfect. Famous sites, charming streets, breathtaking views, amazing outdoor dining are all part of what San Francisco will offer you. Summer or fall is a wonderful time to visit this place but since the climate is mild here, any time of the year is perfect. Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco Bay are just a few of the numerous famous spots to visit.

3.The Grand Canyon

Going to the US and not seeing the Grand Canyon should not even be an option for visitors. It is absolutely a must-visit site and has been attracting tourists for generations. Gazing over the canyon walls to an endless horizon and the depth below can surely be one of the highlights of any trip in the US. One can visit the south rim of the Grand Canyon which is the most popular section at any time of the year. The north rim remains closed in the winter due to snow.

4.Las Vegas

Your trip to the US would never be completed if you do not visit this glittering city of lights in the middle of the desert. Vagas has a unique charm of its own. With huge luxurious resorts, complexes and casinos,

Amusement parks, you can do whatever you wish to throughout the year. The entertainment quotient of the city is like no other place in the entire world as some of the biggest stars of the music industry call it home, playing to the audience every night. Even every resort has something unique of its own to offer. 


The hot spot of Southern Florida, Miami is a lot more than just being a beach destination. There are plenty of beaches all over Florida but Miami offers a vibe like none other. For a unique experience, one can take a day trip to go to Everglades National Park and spot alligators, turtles and an array of birds in this one of a kind area.

Wrapping Up

Among the hundreds of awesome places to visit in the US, these were five of them that can’t be missed out on.

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